April 17, 2015


We always get great feedback from the riders who take the course when they day is over. Below is a typical evaluation form completed by a happy customer.

1. Course Structure:
Well presented course it was identified that it was for  individual development throughout the day and to your own capability. There was sufficient feedback after each ride out in front. Good course/run with everything a rider could encounter.

2. Course Content
I thought the content was pitched right for us i dont know if that was because of my experience but found it very beneficial.

3.Course Delivery
I thought the delivery was well structured and feed back from each ride was factual and too the point with plenty of confidence building tips and advice.

4. Course Duration
I could have gone all day so the saying goes. For myself being used to ring for long periods i did not find the day to tiring. It gave sufficient time at the end for any questions ideas and would imagine during the summer time it could go longer depending on students and there attention span.

5. Areas of special interest
Communication equipment was a bit an issue as it would keep breaking down transmission,which at times was good and very comforting for an in experienced rider so that instruction could be given and responded to directly.
Possibly as discussed with staff that if they were to purchase ear phones which fitted the equipment they could keep them from the cost of the course, addressing the issue of health and safety as well.

6.Rest stops
I didnt have a problem with the stops they were well located. Only the weather upset more stops. I think if other student with less ability take part there would be sufficient places to stop as the course was well reconoiterd.

7.Fuel Stops
I believe there were plenty of fuel stops if other people required them en route.

8. Progress through out ride out
I was given a couple of pointers to address which i did.There was plenty of other experience knowledge partied between us all which is also a good aspect to learning.

9. Anything else you would like covering
I think the initial briefing is sufficient to outline what is expected of the students and what they can get out of the day. I cant remember if we did a brief outline about our riding experience etc before we set off from initial meeting place. i think this is a good idea to get to know the ability of students, we prob did this though.



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